Search Engine Optimisation Services

Keyewords Research

I need to find the most relevant keywords and phrases for your products or services. I think about the number of keywords combinations your customer may search on search engines to find your product and I analyse the popularity and the competitors you have for that keywords.

A good SEO specialist will help you to not waist your time trying to optimise your website for keywords that have millions of results. I only pick a few keywords and phrases that combine enough popularity, relevance and accettable competition.

Ethical SEO

Webpages are looked in different ways from humans that see the design and search engines that analyse the quality information it needs to make your website relevant. A good SEO consultant balances your site so it is neither under optimised nor over optimised; you may want to avoid that your website is lost among millions of others and penalised or banned from the search engine.

On-site Optimisation

There are over 130 parameters on your website that affect your rankings. The title tag is the most important tag on the entire page. Some local search engines give importance to the tags description and keywords; Headings, alt tags for images and links must be edited by a specialist and must not repeat the keywords to avoid penalisations.

A good SEO freelancer must have html and CSS knowledge respecting w3c parameters. Also, I compare each parameter on your page to other website that are high ranked for our selected keywords. A good freelancer create high ranked landing pages based on density analisys tools. Those words might potentially be your targeted keywords.

I will use a robots.txt file to tell search engine spiders what pages of your website they should or should not index. I also create different sitemaps for Google, yahoo and other search engines.


A good SEO webmaster will help you search for link partners, manage correspondence with the site owners, and track your progress. A backlink from a high ranked resource that is related to your website theme is much more beneficial to you than a link from a non related resource that does not rank well. You might wait for months to have someone link to you just because they found your website interesting.

However there is a more effective way to increase your link popularity:

  • Searching for link partners and evaluating each site for important parameters.
  • Managing correspondence with each site owner and tracking the results of your correspondence.
  • Creating partnership agreement and checking the inbound links status.

Website Submission

After onsite and on-page optimisation it is time to submit your website to search engines and directories (offsite optimisation). The major search engines will find and index your website by themselves. However, if you submit your pages following their rules, you will get your website crawled more deeply. Google webmaster tool is the first step for offsite optimisation. Also, some local search engines and all directories prefer that you submit your site and its pages instead of waiting for them to come to you.

A good SEO freelancer use only manual submission to directories that use human approval review for a better quality search service. If you have an online shop you can use shopping search engines or you can use press release websites for something new or innovative and you can also use article directories to increase the visibility to online and offline publishers; you can use blog directories or blog search engines to increase online visibility to your blog.

You can also communicate to search engines with a sitemap to inform them which pages are newly updated and which pages are identified as the most important.

PPC (pay-per-click)

To bring more targeted visitors to your website, you might also want to consider a pay per click campaign. PPC is a short advertisement which typically appears alongside the search engine results pages and leads visitors to your website. With a PPC campaign you pay only whenever a searcher clicks on your ad.

Web Marketing

YouTube and social media are the best way to be visible on the web after the SEO. Social media can also be integrated with your website via feed RSS; with an xml connection you can create a news that will be automatically published to social media and other website.

A good SEO consultant can help you to build an advanced website structure and can help you with perfect HTML for your website and fast webserver. The website speed is also important for SEO.

Google Analytics

It is time to see your traffic grow and measure your achievements in terms of acquired ranking, inbound links, visitors, conversion rates and ROI (return on investment). I will help you to make your website perfect, fast and with no errors for search engines.

Search Console

This fantastic tool displays how Google crawls and indexes your web site and I see about specific problems Google is having accessing it. Tell Google about your pages with Sitemaps and which ones are the most important and how often they change. Find data about internal and external links to your site and understand how users arrive to your website.