This Website Privacy Policy demonstrates the commitment of WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group, to protect the privacy of visitors to our Website and sets forth our Website information collection and management practices.

Personal Information

You may use our Website without obligation in disclosing to us any personal information, WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group collects personal information from you only if you choose to provide it when you contact our company. We use this information only to respond to your comments or questions or to provide services related to the specific purpose for which you submitted the information.

Financial Information

WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group does not store any financial information provided by the client, any form of debit or credit card will disposed of in a secure and professional manor to avoid any form of fraud or misuse.

Our Information Disclosure Practices

WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group will not share your companies information with any third party without your consent except as follows: where such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law or protect the safety of our users or others, or with service providers performing services on our behalf, which may include communications, database, event management, hosting, mailing and marketing services. Any service providers employed by our company will have access to your information solely to the extent necessary to enable them to perform the service on our behalf. WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group has no obligation to monitor our Website or the use of our Website, or to retain the content of any user session. However, WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group, reserves the right at all times to monitor, review and/or retain any information to comply with the law or protect the safety of our users or others.


Our Website employs industry standard security measures designed to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of information you provide us via this Website.

Please take note, WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group cannot fully eliminate such risks, and WebSeoRaffaele Consultants group is in no way responsible for any unauthorized access to information by hackers or others who have obtained such access through illegal means.

We’re an SEO organisation that is committed to protecting our clients’ privacy at all times. We know that you have entrusted us with handling the face of your business (your website) and this is a responsibility we do not take lightly. With us, you get an SEO company that ensures absolute privacy about your Internet Marketing campaign.

We’re an SEO organisation that is dedicated to providing you with a reassuring and safe feeling, so you can pursue your Internet Marketing strategies without fear of what information is being shared.

We offer a strong Privacy Policy that gives you all the power as to what information is collected, shared and distributed on the Internet. We give you the power to edit, manage, update or delete your company information.

Our SEO organisation has specific procedures and guidelines that explicitly state how we collect and use your company information.

Collection of Professional and Personal Information

As your SEO consultant group, we do collect professional and personal information for each client. The professional information is only collected for the purposes of enhancing client satisfaction and making sure we provide the best Internet Marketing solutions to you and your business.

Occasionally we do collection information about you. For instance, you might be asked to present specific identification information or background information (e.g., your name, your mailing address, telephone number and email address, etc.).

As your SEO consultant group, this information helps us administer our work and provide you with superior client service. Our goal is to explicitly communicate offers for all Internet Marketing solutions that might be of interest to you and fulfil your order.

As your SEO consultant group, we only use your information for National Positions internal use and never share or sell your information with third party. If you wish to change or remove your information for any reason, we will gladly comply.

If you are interested in achieving a high search engine ranking for your website, please contact us today.

Cookie Settings

Cookies are small files placed on your computer or machine’s hard drive, or in your browser memory, when you visit our website. We place them there to improve your user experience of the site. They tell us what parts of the site you visit so we can work out what you do and don’t like and what’s most relevant to you. What our cookies don’t do is store any personal or confidential information about you.

To ensure you get the best from our website, we advise that users keep cookies active on their machine whilst visiting our website.


Some cookies are strictly necessary to ensure users can view and access the site in the correct language. Without these you wouldn’t be able to view certain pages and so we use cookies to allow you to access all webpages in the correct language depending on the location of your IP address.

Social Media

If you are logged into a social media application (such as, for example, Facebook; Twitter or Google Plus) you can share and like our content using the Like buttons. The Like button uses cookies set by the social media application to track your choice, allowing the post to be made. The social application can remember you have visited the page regardless of your interaction with it.

Website metrics

They allow us to count the number of visitors to our website and to see how visitors moved around the site while they were using it. This helps us to improve the way our website works, for example, by helping you easily find what content you like the most.

Google Analytics

The ga.js JavaScript library uses first-party cookies to:

  • Determine which domain to measure
  • Distinguish unique users
  • Throttle the request rate
  • Remember the number and time of previous visits
  • Remember traffic source information
  • Determine the start and end of a session
  • Remember the value of visitor-level custom variables

By default, this library sets cookies on the domain specified in the browser property and sets the cookie path to the root level (/).


They allow us to recognise your basic browsing behaviour on each visit. So for example, you can tell us which club is your home club and we can take you straight to the right page on your next visit. These cookies can make the website quicker for you to use and more relevant.


These send information about your visit to our site back to search engines (such as; and to allow other websites and search engines to tailor and display adverts relevant to you and analyse advertisement performance.

How do I stop cookies being sent or stored on my computer or machine?

Opting out of cookie usage

By entering our website, cookies will automatically be sent and stored on your computer or machine.

Most web browsers allow some control of cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit To opt out of being tracked by Microsoft visit To opt out of being tracked by visit