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Free SEO Website Checkup

I am very excited to announce the release of a SEO tool that analyse your website and create a report for Free. In the past years Search Engine Optimisation has became a key point in digital advertising and big companies are investing a lot to beat the competition. If you have an SEO team in …

Improve Search engine ranking – SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the future of the web marketing, and social media and pay per click campaign are a good additional ways to reach the web target. There are lots of of informations about SEO on the internet. If your websites are constantly difficult to get good ranking in search engines, do consider update it …

How to optimise your marketing channels

Blog A/B test blog CTA location, color, copy, and design. Use a secondary CTA to convert visitors into subscribers. Use Smart CTAs to provide more personalized experiences. Put target keywords near the front of your blog headlines. Keep your headlines short: 65 characters or less. Use brackets in your headlines to call out content formats. …

Social Media, website, blog or face-to-face communication?

Potential customers will always prefer face-to-face communication and it will never replace online communication. Networking online is good for leads, traffic, build your brand, cutomer support, feedback  and sales as well, but face-to-face will always give something more. Social media can not replace your website. There are millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and …

How often should you submit your web site?

You’ve probably seen them on the web and you’ve probably received many spam email messages from search engine submissions: services that promise you to submit your web site to thousands of search engines and that tell you that your web site will get high search engine rankings if you just submit your web site often …

How to choose the right web page title

The title of a web page is one of the most mportant elements. Good web page titles can remarkably increase the effectiveness of your web site. The title of a web page is the text that is written between the and tag in the HTML code of a web page. If you write the right …


For small and medium business that want to have an online presence with a brand new website


For small and medium business that have a website and want to get more traffic and new leads


For small and medium business that need help in SEO, PPC, Social Advertising and Email Marketing
Free SEO Website Checkup
Improve Search engine ranking – SEO
How to optimise your marketing channels
SEO 2016 – what is outdated and what is important